Big up raskit

I used to dream about 
crazy little things like fame 
in the days hangin outside 
the Off Licence

We used to run around the streets 
reckless with no shame 
mainly up to no good 
a whole world of nonsense 

and when the girls walked by 
we would try to catch the eye 
and if they didnt show face 
we would act imaaatuuuure

Take it back old School 
Royal Docks with them known fools 
these tyms Chinksey was 
anything but vocal 

butts weren't a focal 
part of my life
Guess I weren't a major 
part of 
the hype 

Surrounded by the type a'mandem 
that you'd do well to 
survive with 
heads gone like chickens

now I'm drivin by this 
now i mite jus buy this 
now i can recite this

As the main reason I
became this geezer 
heart so cold 
need a synonym for freezer

Take a pic wid ur girl 
say 'cheese'
n I'll jus head off to the booth 
n go Ham for the Bread 

symbolic of the progress 
that I made 
casually switch from 
Spoken Word 

Iambic Pentameter 
watch out parameter 
yh there's levels to this issh lil homie!

I'm the modern day 
I go hard but harder 
when faced with the jeers 

tryna make a name and leave 
my name 
in your ears 
so i place an emphasis 
on killin ma nemesis-is-is 

gotta keep on makin Bands 
even though am solo
gotta big up ..
Yo yo

Certain man be rattling manz cage 
got me goin 
had me waitin 
for hours 

had to ditch my girlfriends flowers 
now am in between 

two sticks in Tottenham like 
Timothy Flowers

Ama roll up on em 
King Kong style 
dart on em tailor em 
so you know i've got The Powers 

Old Skool School tyms 
mana say 'that was showa'
nowadays tyms a'changed 
gotta say 'that was showa'

Ama make your goal 
a "no-goal zone" like 
Yaya Sanogo 
F a ghoul 
I'll be swimming in my 
own poooooool 
of talent

My chick used to say 
I never utilised my talent 
I told that chick to stay 
so I could utilise her talent

Tryna be a Millionaire 
call me Chris Tarrant 
lookin for an Eve with that apple 
call me Adam 

I'll be ridin out the beat 
call me Kieran Fallon 
yh iss Smithers tryna get richer 
with a bigger bank balance 

'stitutions fulla 
favritism, in-equality 
so the odds aint ever 

many a year I spent 
no rizla 
but I'll be grindin 
up on a big arse 

fire fight that hot girl 
orrfff sizzla 
like Charis big character 

Charis is my biggest regret 
God dammit 
guess i gotta roll up to Paris 
and pick up a Spanish chick 
Hispanic melodramatic infatuated with the 

Appears to be every guys fantasy 
whether or not she's nice 
it's cold outside 
pathetic fallacy

Cos on the face of it 
if her face is piff
no one would bat an eyelid 
even if she's part of the masonry


Hate it or love it Freestyle

Gotta Lotta haters tryna 
keep me underwhelmed
tired of these girls, so many
haters to repel

e- mergin frm ma shell
ama move across the world
hav n make my meal before it's all 
over like a blur

leave London am the man son
the house life question answered
Bet that went Over yer head son
am da best don

I was on the brink 
lotta ish happened I was pissed
Foster Care no one cared
humble pie in the kitchen

livin life in da kennel
aint no need for no dogs
dem dargs is doin drugs
the life of a husstl-arr

lifes an itch plenty knocks 
in my stride, it's a scratch am fine
ride the wave 
of this tide am bonafide

feds took my whip
now am rollin in an Audi
dem days, dem tyms
I was rollin wi dem foul gees

now dey like allow me
when it comes to ridin out
them them tingz that rile me now
like a chick, attitude, rowdy

matter of a fact 
when dat chick saw my eleven inch 
she flinched n sed 'allow me'
my cat, dumb, four play mouthy

on the grind for that mulla
tryna kick it wi' them Saudis
ima self maid lyrical genius
I've made a couple gees

manz not a fiend friend
feds askin me for fiends
Never seen dem

tryna conquer 'world
I got my hands up in the air
fake friends, fake Churches
fakeness does my head in

I speak to my maker
prayn for forgiveness
been haughty soughtn after riches
and dat ting dat rhymes with itches

go' a girl ama take er
still a saint ama a slay Satan
any mason knows that
Chinksey is amazing

I say my grace been hittin gym
make my Arm- Lance strong no cheater
fam I'll beat ya
mans a g'ster

undercover g'ster
got A stars rockin G star
I'll make ya see stars with unrivalled bars
so many you can feast on

a beast on the mic not from E3
spittin for at least three years
is kinda easy x2

girls get nuffa dat
on the search for anuva yat
this world, yeah I'm outta dat
words I'm da boss a dat

so don't needa start swearin 
talkin bout the trap 
bussin gats
hittin man wi Baseball bats

move incognito like a bat
many flows too slow
too fast 

so when I go out 
iss a wrap for the yats
yat attack 
am an anorak

Slippin (Grime)

Wad yu know bou Chinkzz 
ice cold skate on the riddim like rinks 
I've got flows that'll pour you out the sink
said you got doe but your bank sed you didn't 

your breath stinks, go use some mouthwash and Lynx 
kill off killy like Scrufizzer did 
couple man didn't even offer me a bring in 
now am winnin 

yh am in my own zone 
reinvent my own flow 
yh am renowned for
not likin the po-po 

so have your cake and eeeat it 
I'd rather add anoother layer 
I make po-etry fiirey 
cos am a Comodo sprayer 

I've got a lotta haters 
cos I get a lotta paper 
aint got tym for hoes that goes 
for 'nisa and Kayla 

now am in my element 
these atoms wanna holla 
but where were you man last year 
when i didnt even have a car 

never used to believe in me 
X files 
so I guess iss tym da u man got 

Chinkseys 'number one' like your ex dials 
you don't wanna get me vex child 
im old school like Royal Docks 
and when C.H man were like reptiles 

before my car had 
and when Stratford Recks 
had the best gals 

you man are jus gas 
am electricity 
so ama charge u 
like a taxi 

if you aint got cash step away from the car 
I charge people tax g 
iss about tym that people knew that
I run the city 

am Chinksey am a cutie 
I write bars so I get a lot of groupies
I'm up high like am chillin on da roof
from dem tyms when I chipped Chris' tooth

.. man Dem man are all fooools 
like the month Apriiil
things all changed when a donny went bin 
now you're out tryna holla at the kid

I make music I take pics 
take a pick g I'm swift I'm flee 
I'm so fly and I sting like a bee 
not a butterfly like Muhammad Ali

black and white ting take a look at my whip 
don't do jezzies bad news Kaylie 
memba in the cinema when you took it too far 
two years on seem to fink ur a star

ur that jail bird 
without the arms
ur that trapsta 
without the garms

ur that gun man
without the blast
ur that mc 
wivout the bars

ur that joke act
without the laughs
ur that whip boy
without the yard

I'm that ripped boy
yard and a car
Rich Homie
without the Quan

urr like Tinchy wivout the kwam (e)
I'll own u like Chelsea 
den I'll loan you out
wivout no qualms

same year 
diff'rent class 
simla flow 
diffrent bars

ur dat car fam 
wivout the parts
ur like Simpsons
wivout the Bart

ur like Homer
wivout the marj
U aint my homie 
u aint my darg x4

wad yu know bou Chinkzz 
ice cold skate on the riddim like rinks 
I've got flows that'll pour you out the sink

Said you got dough 
but your bank sed you didn't 
Your breath stinks 
go use some mouthwash and lynx 

kill off killy like Scrufizzer did 
couple man didn't even offer me a bring in 
now am winnin 

yh am in my own zone 
reinvent my own flow 
yh am renowned for
not likin the po-po 

so have your cake and eat it 
I'd rather add another layer 
I make Poetry firey 
cos am a Comodo sprayer 

Jussa Dream

Spittin bars on the mic 
like the last day of my life 
reminiscin dem times 
I used t' cry

I'm a priceless guy 
did i mention I
used to firefight 
thoughts of crime

Guess now's the 
time to decide 
do I remain 
one of a kind

As I write my rhymes 
I recite those times 
when I only had 
money on my mind

Now got mummy on my mind 
don't wanna hafff to say, 'I tried'
so I keep it big on the grind 
but besides 
still lookin for a place to reside 

I used to haff a fine girl 
nice eyes thighs a jawline to die for 
but in hindsight I left her at the right time 
then I resigned from Uni to write rhymes


Yo iss big on the grind 
big on the grind of the MC's line
Wana clash I you'll get left be-hind 
cos you'll never catch I 
in the midst of crime

too busy chillin 
with the chicks that I find
needless to say 
they're chicks that are fine

prophecy only has 
Fuser in mind 
ignores the haters 
that I've grown to despise 

can't believe that 
the bars that I write 
emphasise why the 
Top spot is mine

given the chance they'd 
love to rewind and 
make the most of 
a chance to resign

lyrical bruiser and amuser alike
Professor of English and Poet alike 
left you in the lurch and 
you're wondering whyyy

lad that is shy
who takes over his great Father Guy
Doing his ting ready to shine 
I'm so fly like the birds in the sky 
all the birds wanna cry when they don't see I 

on top of the grime scene, 
never ever catch man like I
chillin in a graveyard 
I'm so fly and 
I'm so aviard 
and I'm chillin with the stars, 

It was Jussa dream 
It was jussa dream

as the rage inside me rages 
can't believe I'm getting paid it's 
kinda craaazy 

as I fill this page I'm amazed 
at how am 
standin tall with graaaazzes 
now nothing faaazzes me 

it feels insane 
Ca'was jussa dream
It was jussa dream
It was jussa dream

Chillin in my mini with 
a pretty chick thats 
aesthetically pleasin'
guess she's in 

a league of her own 
she seasoned
she's easy 
on the eye

no need to climb trees 
or blow trees to 
reach the sky
now I'm so high 

as I open my eyes then I realise 
the reality hits me by surprise 
succumb to shock 
as my girlfriend sighs 

touch my girlfriends thighs 
as I look into her eyes 
at sunrise
It was jussa dream uha
It was Jussa Dream


Chillin' wit my Dre Beats 
couple chicks Carla and ...

precious girl
u need ta kno 
am sick of alla dis 

am I secon' bes'?
keep tryna second guess you
I keep doin bench presses 
to impress u

how do I compare to the res'
iss a mess, can't res'
till I know if you're 
seein' other men

bu' do u need to pretend
if you really don't need know
I see you as a Gem
more than a friend

maybe you really don't care 
like Foster Care
life aint fair 
aint no summer fair

as I sit there
starin, glarin, tearin 
out all my hairs 
state of affairs poor

made a nightmare more

a puzzle
one I'm prepared for

couldn't be more sure
I've seen it all before
this love is raw any other would die for
give a life for, a girl?

but the truth
be told 
I'm getting old
gotta break the mould n
make dis story gold

take the knocks in my stride
and neva moan and hone a throne 
reach the riches
realise da we cud b the richest

and kno even the great relations 
hit hitches
I've been in in the piths with
my head jus abov da ditches

wrote dis lyric in my whip
I'm ripped 
and you know 
I"m Well Equipped

listen to my pitch iss
the truth

without you girl
love is so illusive
girl you're 

Life's minutiaes

I tried to do it his way
but these days 
I guess I"m doin things 
my way

Alijah took the liars way 
I'm drivin headed for the high way
couple old mates 
said 'hi' again

Hi Wayne
Nikki's gotton high agen
whats ur 079 agen 'til we meet agen 
yo i got a new sim agen

079 nine agen 
black yuts 
usin nines agen
white friends drinkin Heineken

lifes 'nu-taes agen
circle of life agen

couple 'quin-tances 
wanna spy on I agen 
pretend to be my friends agen
fire fightin friends' sins

my friends hav bin in bin 
aint seen em in 
roughly ten years

s'bin a minute
how u bin

spent years 
tryna 'pent m'sins
meant to say mistakes 
meant to say me sins

the devils cookin isssh 
in the kitchen got no oven but umm
tryna slump that bloke wid a fryin pan 
I cooked me eggs, I used the yoke

do I give a thumbs up 
or a middle finger to my folks
opted for the latter 
sick feelings in my bladder

boys be askin
'wass the matter Chinksey'  
gettin madder and madder
as I get older and older

my shoulders getin broader 
other shoulders 
are gettin colder x2

cold shoulders


Dumbman, dumbman, dumbman
man are movin, dumbman

run man, run man, run man
man are, on the run man

gun man, gun man, gun man
I don't, see no guns man

ton man, ton man, ton man
bars I raise are, tons man

ur fake like takin selfies
in a place you've never been

you man be shottin weed 
like u won't end up in the been

I don't need to make music 
already have the pee

shout out to the girls that aired me 
like they were the Queen

I been hiber-natin
now I'm ouchea, now am seen

no longer hide the fact 
in  R   A   P  I own the scene

u can't f'z wi' Chinksey
u can't F wi' man like me

mite jus pop-up in a mask
like Hallo-ween

they can't take the fact that 
Chinksey's the great-est M  C

I'm back like  Y   E   S   K
N   I   H   den  C

got some haters ponder-ing
the rest are all at sea

I can spit in moder-ation 
Smalls like B I G

u man are jus hungry
act like u aint ever ate
I cud diss track back to back
like D   R   A   K   E
did to meek

someone give me cash 
sum R  E  S  P  E  C  T

I Fox wi dis beat
I'm fantastic, cunnin and wise
breaking up glocks wi' dis beat
I'm heavy like ya mamas thighs

off the cuff on this beat
ablib ting, I improvise
how d 'uck can u be
a virgin, in this life
my provisos to keep writin rhymes 
lastin for days
so many bars are, stuck in my head
now i feel dazed

not im-prisoned, but am amazed
dat ev'ry word, stays
like a diction'ry, in a maze 
F the masonry

my people are all, fazed
finkin iss just, a phase
is it symptom-atic
of hell, get-tin raised
like where, I was raised
if that's the case 
den ama void, the blaze

the French are getting, shot at
synonym for, craze

worlds in a crisis: Isis
tryna fight this 
cos this is 
more than quite dis-
can't ach-ieve nufin 
from quiet-ness
s'why I word it 
I'm a wordsmith

dont quite 
rate Shwe's antics 
listen to my semantics 
when i say Kaylie's got 
germs man 
no German

I call u hoe land 
u hoe man relocate to 
Amsterdam man 
up and outta my 
zone man

Dumbman, dumbman, dumbman
man are, movin dumbman

run man, run man, run man
man are 
on the run man

gun man, gun man, gun man
I don't see no guns man

ton man, ton man, ton man
bars I raise are tons man, 

Pumping Waits

Pumpin waits 
like patience
never ever hearda
sucha thing like patience

wanna try it
then be my acquaintance
you'll just get sold out
like a patent

on da mic ballin 
like Jor-dan
wid ur gal whilst ur gal 
is applaudin

In the stu-dio
over-ly flaun-in
lipsin and
Q the ellipsis....

my lyrics

obtainin Lynx
like I got B.O
but Chink-sey could
neva be owned

cos am runnin this show
you gettin hammad like Mo-
turnin collumns into rows
Steve's Red-grave has

jus gon Gold
picture that 
wiva kodak
kill-a pussycat like a tick-attack

gave Caroline Flack
for sure
you can bring foreheads (4 heads)

link-in up wi'da Bratt (*Mz)
she could neva Mz diz
cos am gettin her fat 
at Nan-do's

horn-i-er than rhinos
that's as far as that line go'...
exper-tise in po-etry
makes me one of da prose

so ride my Flo (Florida) 
to America
terminate an 
like father na-ture
like cheese I'm grater *(greater)
than the maj-ority of fiends

oh please 
you and your fleet
will certainly flee
when you encounter me

cos I am a G-
O D is my father
comin round soon like Karma
why you even hair (here) barber

gave me a Barrack-in the white house
cos I took the Mick
like a Mouse
In her head like a louse
Q that lyrical nouse

pokin fun like I'm 
joust-in (just in) a different Klass (class)

Hunterlaar pass that'll tear you asunder
made Stevie Wonder
got a riv-ah (river) to ponder
like a fish am a-mong-ahh (monger)

few that chose
to annihilate these flows
as my lyrics a-Rose like Amber
not Budgen I will neva waitRose

my barz iz serene
about to hit baack

livin in the fast lane cheater (cheetah)
gna beat yo wife #beat ah (beat her)
had Frank (Frankie), Lyn
and Aretha

neva had a dream ahh
never sleep ahh
go hard
go nuts


It used to be jus me and you 
before you grew and i grew
but now you do
what you do
n I do, what I do
I'm not chattin doo-doo
when i say I'm 
through wit u boo

you know iss u
only you
baby girl 
you know iss u
that's jus life babygirl
but now we grew

a role model 
dont come, natural
not natural like you
the only fing that's factual's
the fact you were my boo
a natural at modelling
matter of a fact you're an Angel

and its true x2
you know its true

you can hit the jack-pot
like we used to
hit each other up on Whatsapp
I used to
wonder how'll feel 'fi 
hit you from the back
but i did that
now iss back to rappin
n matter of a factin...

you used to link 
them homies that were trappin
now u back in 
the home-land
used to be my Chink-ette
now you every
homies home dream
girl im homin in
every homie wants you 
as their queen, girl

I know your soul x3 x2
that's for sure 

as time goes by
you be actin lyk u don't know me
over a little mis-understandin
tryna figure out
how best to be outstandin
as am sittin down 
in my house
tryna figure out how best
to end this drought
n tackle these 
trolls, paigons

they don't know me, but they owe me
an apology
when u see me
now you see me
now you don't
am gone

I know your soul x2

how many tyms'we 
ain';hit each other up 
more tym

den we make up
like the thing 
tha' you don't need
like i see your pics
on the time-line
over a'hundred likes
Chinksey don't needa like dat

baby got it like dat
you know you'll always be
not because your eyes are ... x2

I know your soul x3
that's for sure
I know your soul x2
how many years has it bin???

so many

Wavey ChinkZz (How do you make it)

How do you make it
in this world full a'fakes
I'm blatantly aching 
the money am makin 
makes me

wanna do AC
have I got what it takes
det's, machines 
really aren't for me

but there's so much at stake
am quaking on earth 
what on earth

does it take to be first 
to be far fron the worst
so far it's a curse

and I'm like Damn!
kinda need a hand 
even though I'm my own man

no Old Man 
my goals to
try and understand 
like all these crazy things 
on my mind

I've been undermined
never felt like this 
since college times
makin rhymes 
as I recite the times

when I had t' 
sell my phone t'
pay for a fine 
now all my flaws are
on the line, so I grind

still tryna find that fine girl
nice hair, wi' curls
and kick i'wi' me like let's go
to the cin-e-ma

is Anis-ka
far from my past 
or should I find a girl 
with a better ass
and shoot for the stars like Marc

exposed my past
exposed my stark past 
though my present

ain't in stark contrast like
I'm adamant that 
Adam meant to get me sent 
out the park like

what the 'uuuuck is goin o'nnnnnn
I'm up in arms this drama's
made my heart turn dark n' hard
and marred my intelli-gennnce

which has been prevalent 
fron the age o' ten or younger
these mumblers tryna
make me blunder, 
talkin chunder

tear me asunder
get me mad like thunder 
I feel like the hunter
when I am the hunted

am shy
all these eyes are on me 
like I iz da V.I.P. 
when really am lookin for a fe-

male to take this stale male
who's been through hell and back
what I write is facts old skool like Fax
these days I'm vocal

guys say I'm "so cool" 
girls sit there droolin'
but I'm foolin around wi' da bars
Wavey ChinkZz

Gold thoughts (No rewards)

grew up in Camden
   (Camden NW1)
raised in Leyton
   (Leyton E10)

lemme at em, leme go ham on em
don't chat to The Swine or Alan
nor I chat to Shan or the gammon
in Ralph Lauren Kieran Fallon

cos the bars I spit are hoarse
no disputin Chinksey's talent
best in the scene on course
I was gifted and talented, but

you get no rewards for that x2
where my fortune at

on road rollin in my Vauxhall Cors'
had many gifts, had many rewards
many laments had many Gold Thoughts
made my way in the scene by force

I was broke fam I was poor
24 negros at my door
but im oucchea
am oucchea

tryna make a gallon
and make his-tory
24 carrots on my wrist,  
ya see

got a rabbit thats named, 
afff-ter me
tryna leave, at the 
mass-ter tree

tryna get a-head 
like a barrr-ber be
ya mama call me Ken I call ur 
marj Bar-bie

used to be a dreamer while them schemers
were where dem pees were
UK rap and Chinksey fit
Julius seizures

But you get no rewards for that x2
where my fortune at

age of nine I
watched my father forge
his way through
scores n scores

these tyms Thierry 
scored n scored
Arsenal fan 
aplaud aplaud

now all my friends
be shottin draws
had to lose em all, or
I'd be shottin draws n all

I've been shuttin doors n all, 
altho I've got me flaws, many'a tym've 
been on the floor prayin'

cos I cant stop sinnin'
these trolls wanna make me
start sprayyyin

claimin more forgiveness 
from the lord
Kev said my lyric s'a gift 
from The Lord

So if you're 
on this ting
cos I run dis ting
then jump aboard

I'm a done this thing
c'amma don 
in this ting
I've changed cuz

dat woman tried to date me
but it was just a fling
that homeboy didn't rate me
try it now n you will get flinged

as I'm gettin older momma said 
'I told ya'
I'm gettin stronger dese tyms 
am liftin' longer

tyms I'd be stuck in lifts 
now am givin lifts 
to John 
tryna 'void an injunc-tion

once ur up on that pedastal 
they'll stone you till you fall
when ur tryna get up

the feds wana see u stall X6

Wad'yu kno bou

Wad'yu kno bout chinkzz 
Ice cold skate on the riddim like rinks
I've got flows that'll pour you out da sink
Sed u got doe, but ur bank says u didn't

Ur breathe stinks, go use sum mouth-wash n Lynx
kill off Kenny llike Scrufizzer did 
couple man didnt even offer me a bring 'in
Now am winnin

Yh am in my own zone, re-invent my own flow
Yh am re-nowned for, not likin the Po Po
So have your cake and eeat it I'd rather add anuva layer
I make poeetry fireey cos, ama Comodo sprayer

I've got lotta haters cos, I get a lotta pa-per
aint got tym for hoes da goes for Anisa and Kayla
Now am in my ele-ment these atoms wa-nna holla

But where were u man last year 
When I did-nt even have a car

Neva used to believe in Me X-files
So I guess iss tym da u man got ex-iled
Chinkseys number one like ur ex dials
U dont w'na get me vex child, I'm old skool 
like Roy-al Docks n wen C.H man were like rep-tiles
before my car had mile-age n when 
Stratford Rex had da best gals

U man are jus gas 
am elec-tricity 
so ama charge u like a taxi

If u aint got cash Step away from the car 
I charge people tax G
Iss about tym dat people knew dat I run The City

Life where am from

Grindin, many a year 
I spent grindin
no rizla 
I b grindin up on 
a big arse

firefight that hot gal
Uhhhhhhhh sizzler
like Charis big character 

Charis is my biggest regret
God dammit
Guess I gotta roll up to Paris
n pick up a Spanish chick
Hispanic, melodramatic
infatuated with the grandeur


appears to be
every guys fantasy
weather or not she's nice
it's cold outside
pathetic fallacy

cos on the face of it
if her face is piff
no one will bat an eyelid
even If she's
part of the masonry

it's kinda mad still...
I mean..

certain man be rattlin manz cage
got me goin, 
had me waitin, 
for hours
had to ditch my girlfriends flowers

now am in between 
two sticks in Tottenham
Tim-othy Flowers

ama roll up on em 
King Kong style 
dart on em, taylor em
so u kno I've got the powers

old skool skool tymz 
man'll say that was shower
nowadays tyms a changed
gotta sa da was shower

ima make ur goal a no go zone
like Ya-ya Sanogo
F a ghoul
i be swimmin in my 
own pool

of talent

my chick used to say 
I never utilised my talent
I told that chick to stay
so i could utilise her talent

tryna be a mill-ion-aire 
call me Chris Tarrant
lookin for an Eve wiv dat apple 
call me Adam

I be ridin out dat beat
call me Kieran Fallon
yeah it's Smithers
tryna get richer wiv'a 
biigger bank balance

'stitutions fulla 
so the odds 
ne-ver balance

*not once 
not once*

got me throwin tantrums
real friends are fake friends
the menaces are phantom
fiction to factual

turn the richter up 
to' max'mum
hater's writin exposÚs
so i guess its tym to

expose a
can't stom-ach-em all
so I guess that 
makes me full, fools


go' snakes set in motion 
they focus on posin
wen am 'bout 
when I'm not 
they probin

the posts that am postin
Call the p'lice please
these cobraziz 
Poison is potent
ima b Frank, like Ocean

these fake friends
Got me movin, loco
-motive, trainin
stressin, strainin

all this dramas go'me 
actin, feignin

goin in-sane like a place
I'm on the Wayne
Li-ttle won-der Bruce

don't tell Bane
cos I wan-na new chain
brother wants, a new game
only loose change
can't keep

pumpin waits, all day
so I guess that I've 
got-ta change

gotta keep ma-kin p's
got girls n a range
gotta get Jes-
us in my world

In a world fulla ratchets 
no one's ever sober
need a pope or sut'in
fake frieeeeeeeeeeends....

hw do I unfrien-em
the venom they spittin
needs ten o" me spittin
almost go' this

grown man slittin
sit-tin down
talk o da town now
Dad nt aroun'

Mum stuck in 'er yard
am I destined
for a 

all my enemy familiar
we used to go to cinema
like ev'ry week
things gt peak so I graft

get off, ur ass
go right sum bars
ur a star
go an

kick it wi da stars
bought a car a' the 
age o' 21

no job, no drugs, sheer 
Alan Shearer scorin 
Geordie glory

far fetched like a PokÚ-mon 
no ones ever done 
anythin remotely like dis don

change the channel 
change the world put on pokÚ-mon 
police wanna catch em all 
s'why my folks b gone

not ballin no use 
bu' we all in
get au-di-ted
Part 2
Wen'e'r I c a peng ting 

Its my call of duty to'ob

droppin dat 

game on her

If i see a ha-ter 

B droppin my neym on em 

Swarez messi

M S N strikeforce 

Heavy like ornaments

No takin shots wi these

Night time swaray

ima start slayin em

Mona Buffy 

off the cuff free-


Off the cuff freestyle

got more than free styles more than three flows 

Left in the dressin room 

All i sees clothes

never spit for free tho 

need to pay me gees dough 

do am 

new on the scene 

save chinkzz a seat yo

Paper Chaser

got paper paper 

told a player 
keep hatin 

told ollll'
to keep fakin

don't bank on em 
my account

no Flower Boy

go' money to make

Davi De Gea 

aah stay 

like a marked ur shirt 
am sta-in



I raised the bar 
arm pains

Pied Piper 

Naija Congo

jus' took
my Dads place

she cudn' dance 
so I 
dabbed it

unknown to p'lice
Cas is

but I can't be dead 

on top of ur girl 

I'm big and strong
Sach is

use t'be Weasley Ron

Aint got 4-5's 

Kaylie had a big ass
Phiri had a big ass 
aint no time for 
clapped yats

had to leave the 
ars -en -al that
Cesc Fabregas
Manamanz in it for the Skrilla

you can call me Big Bars 
call me "Godzilla"
Guerilla Warfare gone banana's

crazy how I sat down 
with a set up chick from Wood Green
set up chicks trade wood 
for the green or green for the wood

I coulda been a fiend 
if I stayed up in the hood
now my friends are all fiends 
can't attend them in the biin

prayin to be freed
CH,  BV (Custom House, Britannia Village)
them ends up in East
Lon-don weren't a dream

More a nightmare was tryna fight bare
donnies tryna take me down 
donnies tryna take my crown 
is madd

Big Bird no sesame 
finessed it open sesame
planting seeds gettin eerie when I bleeds
Ummm filthy like this beat

My chick used to say 
I 'never utilised my talent'
I told that chick to stay so I could 
utilise her talent

tryna be a millionaire 
call me Chris Tarrant
lookin for an Eve with that apple 
call me Adam

Jump around freestyle

Tryna be the best 
spitter in the city
everybody says they best 
but they busy sittin

so I gotta 
'Stand Up Tall'
DIzzee Rascal no 
longer rules

used to listen to dat 
donny back in skool
time u donnies got took
back to skool

use my words as tools
dis a pro's session 
so no duals

but if u wana jewell (dual)
den ama battle for ma chain
feel the pain homie
it'll be a pro-cession

Chinksey's in his 
own segment 
donnies dnt get sex 
so resort to mol-estin

I'm a twenty four 
carrot G
but am twenty three

an' I got'ma Rabbit pet-tin
haters hate it's like they 
mole etchin on my face

cos they fake 
can't say it to my face 
two face ho-mie 
neva sed it

middle finger 
to the face of 
middle finger to those 
that never helped me

people only wanna 
bred those dat are wealthy 
kinda peak Kaylie only rated me
wen I was un-wealthy 

Pocahuntas back in Burma 
had her blowin lyk a hurdler 
ama Hot Boy ima burner

Bobby Schmurda in the booth

not Asher D
but ama Top Booy
don't needa swear 
or rap about Glocks, booy

gota big up Robert Knox booy
ama Martyr not da baller female (Marta)
hit me up on the Gmail females
you a shemale

say u bout the beef
but when you see me 
you b actin like u 
had a seizure

when Juli-us has never 
seen ya
you're a novice 
ama sen-ior

word up to my haters 
you are awful
get it 
you are really full of awe

and y'all jus darn right 
got a whip, got Cream
Now all i need is, moore fuel


Chinksey feat Mo Stack - I Do

Dem man der 
dey get left in the past
had to leave that chick 
cos I knew she wouldn't last

she sed "Chinksey where u from?"
I sed baby I'm from France'
if am onto that yat 
iss da batty iss d ass

I'm on a Postman ting 
cos I kno I gotta par-cel
Football fan 
plenty lyrics in my Arsenal

tryna cover bases
on dat basis 
tryna chart yoo
Senegalese fiends
I'll be whippin 
in Dakar yo

my homies climb trees 
I get lifted writin bars tho

my chick from Burnt Oak 
she un-raveled in the charcoal
anuva one from Leyton n 
anuva one from Plaistow

tried to link me for the pee
I sed leave the car yo x2

I be runnin thru the sixths
aint no need for cardio

got a chick from Ipswich 
only in it to get dicked
got a chick from Greenwich 
she'll be swimmin to my bits 
got a chick from 
Pencil vain--ian like 
Dis-tin           ..**Sylvain Distin

she was a pain 
told her keep your distance

had a chick from Camden
who was actin like mandem
told her she's a Keeper 
aint no catchin feelings
dropped that bar like 
Robert, Green did

not on a side dish ting
ca im busy tryna 
grasp all

us man are eatin 
us man are full
us man are greazy 
u man are all fools

get it 
u man are awful
darn right awful

miss my chick 
from Hackney Downs 
she was down for me baby

my chick from Lea Valley
weren't aroun for me baby


I would never ever 
have envisaged my life
to be changin like the weather
intermittent like the ...
or not I'd endeavour
to b a G
as nufins eva easy
I will never bite da hand
that feeeeds me

or else id 
in a 
and hand it over
jus to say I've made it
like a cook in a bak-ry

tryna find my heart
but its freezin
kinda like a free drink
on a hot summers day    
all the birds are out
everybody's smilin
what can i say
Mum and Dad r ight
so i guess da lifes okay

but it aint
mind aint at ease
Pursuit of Happyness
seems to be a theory
dats alluding me
but im alluding to
the film
and not the tune

cos opportunities
are few n far between
like space
Freddie Mercury n Queen

I wanna rock right now
all my eyes is seein is bling
call me Chinkzz Chinksey or Ceaze
now lemme put a senior spin
and seize
d initiative
tryna make it rich 
make it big
am tryna make it major in this city
beat the mayor in this city
relocate to inner city

make my prayers fru-ition
tu-ition from the Lord
says the law
has its flaws
ima get up on 
n off the ..
and throw the mic 
up on the ..
like Lennox Lewis
Leona ..
Stephen ...
young black youth dis
is my story
so theres no point been
useless or ruthless
no slang 
but theres a spell, check
the Bible n recite all
we can rebuke it

watch out there's 
sticks and stones
watch out my 
dargs got a bone
these guys mite 
jack u for ur phone
So dont get caught 
slippin on ur own

leme switch up the flows
dis beats fire 
not Amber Rose
I write bars in rows 
Steve Redgrave 
kill of killy 
mc off the segway
catch me drivin 
by in an R9
turbo engine 
fal-con fly

mite jus give ur nan dough
call me Adnan Januzaj



I got cats tree colours
Red White and Green
I got cats tree colours

got da green 
four gram
tri colour tri colour
like a Me-xi-can

they be sendin nude pics 
like am Instagram
they be sendin new pics 
like am Krept Konan

I punch like 
ama flex these hands up
ama flex dese bands up

when am on set
she stands up
when i want sex 
she hands up

when I Open Mic, bare bands
when I Open Mic, bare gigs
when I Open Mic, bare fans
all my Man Unite like Giggs

like am Holloman or Gigs
tryna make sure my muse 
differ-ent-iate all dis ishh

free the lions 
I'll one cap em all 

all my Favr'ite chicks 
have big breasts 
no chips

put dat mayonaise 
on the rear
whip it good no brakes 
got my hands on that gear

It's that Pizza Boy de-li-very
I need pees for dis

ama take the peas
like am takin green 
if am takin pees 
then am takin Queen

you can call me 
Adnan Januzaj
when your chicks about 
its Nando's time

Cats X3

I got cats tree colours
Red White and Green
I got cats tree colours

got da green 
four gram
tri colour tri colour
like a Me-xi-can

they be sendin nude pics 
like am Instagram
they be sendin new pics 
like am Krept Konan

I punch like 
ama flex these hands up
ama flex dese bands up

when am on set
she stands up
when i want sex 
she hands up

when I Open Mic, bare bands
when I Open Mic, bare gigs
when I Open Mic, bare fans
all my Man Unite like Giggs

Outta control

I'm goin outta control x7

Tryna make money play games for me
tireda fake friends playn games wi'me
mi haters b runnin outta names for me
use to play runouts wi' Wayne n D

-stitutions they want me to fall
po - lice stop me they want me to stall
Chelsea RFU, cast me aside like a troll
I'm goin outta control x8

there's a craze in this dunya
I'm stuck
there's a maze in this dunya
in a rut
there's no waze in this dunya
so what
ama blaze up this dunya x2

F the people da didn't believe in me
Kuka-sami didn't believe in me
peps in France no longer speak t'me
ice cold heart I could sleep on a rink at ease

what would it take for belief in me
F all dat I don't need belief in me
don't holla when the proofs in the puddin
bare chest games like Vladimir Pu-tttin

Chinksey's on a good thing nuisance to 
e'ryone I knew since school
college tyms I used kick baaall
now i write dey wan keep me quiet

cream rise to t'top so ama keep on ris'n
keep on rhymin ama keep on writin
unli' U C K G garbage homie jus ain buyin
Ishh Got me feelin liiiiiiiik--

im goin outta control x7